To Purge or Not?


After I returned from my book signing at the Scottish Games, I had this desire–urgent need to purge certain areas of my house. There were too many “things” in my way. It started immediately that afternoon. I’m talking the moment everything was unloaded from my car. You would have thought I would have been exhausted (yes, I was), but before the suitcases were unpacked, I was tossing out clothes from my closet.

“Enough!” I shouted. I was tired of seeing items that I had not worn in over a decade staring back at me. It was insane. My hands yanked hangers and clothing from the racks. It was a sense of freedom. Afterwards, there was more space in my closet. I only kept one item with a promise that if I didn’t wear it by the end of the end of the year, I would discard the clothing.

Then I decided it was time to take a look at those recipe folders. Why was I keeping clippings and torn pages from magazines over five years old? Did I make these mouth-watering dishes? Nope! So in the recycling bin they went. FREEDOM! More space and an organized pantry.

I spent the next few days cleaning and sorting out hidden places and even parts of my garage. It was a cleansing that I needed. Almost like life. Sometimes I need to step back and find the places within me that need purging. What am I hanging onto? Regrets? Guilt? I tossed them out, as well.

Autumn has always been a time of awakening, not nesting for me, so as I toss out items–physically and emotionally, I’m walking a new path this season.

Do you ever findΒ an overwhelming need to de-clutter or purge your own life? Do share! I hope I’m not alone.

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  1. Good for you! Bravo!
    When ready, I think I need a helping hand with a similar activity over here? Any volunteers?

  2. Barb Robinson

    I have more than 20 years of ‘stuff’ to purge – absolutely unbelievable! I’ve collected signature Barbie Dolls for 13 years for my granddaughter only to realize there has been a continual ‘storage’ issue because they require ‘climate control’ storage. Soooo I will become an eBay consignee with the Barbies and save that money for my granddaughter to further her education. So in answer to your question, my very dear friend, I have to say ‘purge’ even though my heart really is not in it – huge sigh here! Love & Hugs!!!

    • I love your idea of selling your Barbie Doll collection and using the money to help out your granddaughter’s education. And just a thought…you could save one special doll for her.

      You should have heard my sigh afterwards, Barb. It was something long overdue. I don’t like clutter–in my home and within me.

      Have a lovely day, my friend. Hugs back at you with love! πŸ™‚

  3. good for you Mary , when i moved i did the same thing , got rid of things i have been hanging on for to long and not using , felt amazing

  4. Mary Anne

    My husband is terrible for de-cluttering!! I went out for the afternoon, came back and he had emptied everything out of the loft and took it to the charity shops!! His argument was if its in the loft you don’t need it! I was not overly impressed!! Lol!

    • Oh no, Mary Ann! My husband knows better than to touch anything that remotely looks like something I’ve stashed away or stored somewhere. Although, I bet your loft looked better? πŸ˜‰

  5. Jonnie Crowe

    Mary, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the book signing at the Scottish games! Wow! Must have been a good one! Inspirational even!
    Yes, purging is good for the soul!

    • I’m sorry you couldn’t make it, Jonnie. I enjoy them so much, and always treasure my time there. Keeping fingers crossed I’ll be at the Sacramento games in Woodland next year. xoxo

  6. Hi Mary,

    Must have been some games to motivate you to purge for days. LOL. But I know what you mean. Been doing the same here, material things and emotional baggage. Cleaning my carpets upstairs and down too. Fall has that effect on me. Love to decorate for the holidays, starting with Halloween, my favorite holiday. Have to have a clean house to decorate. Still need to purge closets and basement, but it’s a start.

    • I did come back home to renewed energy, Tena. πŸ™‚ And the weather was spectacular at the games–very cool and feeling like autumn, which always gets me to start prepping for the holiday seasons.

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