Celebrating Two Years ~ DRAGON KNIGHT’S SHIELD!


Welcome to my month long celebration of being a published author. This week, it’s all about the oldest Dragon Knight and his lady. Angus MacKay was always a fierce, and at times, angry man. He became laird at a young age, trying to raise three younger brothers and a sister–each with their own unique powers. Control and focus were his daily mantras. But we all know (or those that have read his story) what happened when he tried to control everything and everyone, including his inner dragon.

Yet, for all his gruffness, Angus was a giving, kind, and true leader. His strength infused even me.

A bit of back story about Angus MacKay. When I first started the Order of the Dragon Knights, I wanted to write Angus’ story first. However, the man charged forth with his sword and told me in words I can’t repeat that his would nae be the first! I was shocked! It was then that Duncan strolled forward and said, “Ye will tell my story first.” Originally, I saw Angus as a drunk most of time. Spending his days up in the tower or slumped on the parapet at Urquhart Castle. But I was wrong. I spent many years trying to figure out this man, until one day he showed me. It was while I was writing Alastair’s story. I remember shouting, “I know where you are! You’re on a tourney in France!” He smiled and walked away.

Yes, my friends, the characters do actually behave within our minds as I described above. Some may call us crazy, but our characters are as real as flesh and blood inside the recesses of our minds.

Now I knew I had to give Angus a woman who could stand by his side. Powerful. A leader needs a strong woman, but I never dreamed Deirdre would be his equal. She stormed into the scene and never looked back. Yet, I knew her weakness. Her tough exterior was because of the traumatic event that happened to her at a young age. It set her on a path, where she didn’t like to see weakness in others. In addition, she challenged those she met to do better. She toughened her insecurities and often times, charged into a battle without thinking, and this got her into trouble several times. But I loved her! I definitely would want Deirdre by my side in any battle, or just as a girlfriend.

One last “behind the scenes” secret…when I was in the middle of my facebook party for Dragon Knight’s Axe last year, my editor was doing edits for Shield. All of sudden, she sends me a text, “Please tell me you didn’t just blind your hero?” Haha! My response, “Keep reading…” Gosh, I love it when I’ve “hooked” my editor. Success!

Giveaway: Dragon Knight's Shield Tote, Keychain, Jeweled bookmark, and postcard.

Giveaway: Dragon Knight’s Shield Tote, Keychain, Jeweled bookmark, and postcard.

For a chance to win this tote bag, jeweled bookmark, postcard, and keychain, please share your favorite scene from Dragon Knight’s Shield. I’ll choose one random winner on Friday.

Next week, a new Dragon Knight enters the world of the MacKays!

Returning in July ~ Mary’s Tavern Recipes and my Monthly Blog Tour.

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  1. Kay Boyce

    My favourite part was when did receive was dragged into the fray and immediately started fighting.
    Although I must say it is so very difficult to choose.

    • I have so many moments within this story, too. I believe some of my favorites were with all the “alone” times with each of the couples. I brought everyone back and gave them some quiet time with each other. I wept writing those chapters.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Kay! 🙂

  2. Dianne

    My favorite scene is when Angus, frustrated by his blindness, throws his meal. Deirdre very calmly tells him to clean it up by himself and leaves. He has time for reflection and is reminded by Cathal that he has been given and trained to use his other senses.

    This really resonates. I think his picking himself up and cleaning up his mess has caused me to do some self reflection and pick myself up as well.

    • Wow!! Powerful, Dianne. Yet, Angus had been trained as a “wee” lad to be a leader–the chieftain and it showed when he was faced with this handicap.

      Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  3. Lori H

    I have the book on my kindle but haven’t started reading it, yet. I am looking forward to reading it. I love dragons 🙂

  4. Lisa Plemmons

    My favorite line from Dragon Knight’s Shield is, “The greatest wisdom of the stars is not within the mind, but dwells in the heart.” (The Great Dragon’s words to Angus.)

    We should listen to our hearts and not our heads. Easier said than done when the ego talks so much louder than our soul’s still, small voice.

  5. i so loved when they said their wedding vows, (I am the fire of our love . I am the light when darkness threatens your days . I am your strenght when ye are weak,. Ye are my warrior lady. Deirdre, ( I am the kindling of our love. I am the water that will cool the heat .I am your home where you can rest and lean on. We will walk together as one even to the gates of Tir na og and beyond , sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Okay…crying now!:) (I’m so emotional from everything and realizing that the last story has been written and about to venture into the world) Angus and Deirdre had come so far, making their vows reflect their deep emotions for each other. Their vows were powerful and from the heart.

      Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂 xo

  6. Theresa

    Mary I enjoyed reading this blog. I love how the characters talk to you and tell you what they are thinking and when their book should be written. That was something I didn’t know about this series.

    It’s too bad the series has to end. Do they not have some hidden brothers elsewhere?

    • Thank you, Theresa! I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed this post. 🙂 As a writer, we “flesh” out the bones of the book, but our readers seldom understand the “behind scenes” of all the details. I truly enjoyed re-visiting each book. It brought back many fond memories while I was writing these stories.

      No, there are no hidden brothers, but I will be writing stories for the secondary characters, which you’ll most likely see a Dragon Knight or two lurking around. Besides, there are always the descendants of the Dragon Knights and many stories to be told.

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