Quote for the Week of June 19, 2014

Can love tame the beast and heal the man2-

“On the Knight’s quest to slay the beast, he forgot they shared the same heart.”

–Dragon Knight’s Axe



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  1. Happy anniversary, Mary, for your novel!
    (Better late than never, you know!)
    I had a busy time around here but I always read your posts as I receive note via email

  2. Marie Staton

    Mary what is up for your next novel. Looking forward to hearing from you about it. Hope it is another great series, after the Dragon Knight Series is completed.

    • Marie, did you you know that you won one of the giveaways from week 2? I gifted two people, since I loved hearing so many sharing their comments. Send me an email to moirarose415@yahoo.com with your mailing address, please.

      I’m working on a new series–a spin-off from the Dragon Knights called, “Legend of a Fenian Warrior.” The first story is Conn MacRoich. You’ll see a a lot of the Warriors in the last Dragon Knight book, “Dragon Knight’s Ring.”

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