Welcome back to the second week of my month long celebration. This week I’m sharing thoughts from the second book in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Dragon Knight’s Medallion was the book where I found my true author’s “voice.” As most of you know, Stephen MacKay suffered from excruciating headaches. When I wrote the first chapter, I based his pain on my own. I used to suffer from intense migraines, so it was easy to write this scene…

“Lugh’s balls!” he roared. The pain seared into his head like a burning spear. Shards of blazing torment pounded in his ears, the agony so intense, he collapsed at the river’s edge. Beads of sweat trickled down from his temple as he gasped for air knowing that if he did not regain control, he would black out from the excruciating pain. He realized what would follow, and with every ounce of his being, he tried to block the force attacking him. Another shard of pain lanced through his mind, causing a guttural cry to escape his throat. The power was too strong. His mind screamed at him to let it in, and with a moan of defeat, he did.

As I wrote Dragon Knight’s Medallion, the words flowed out of me. Stephen and Aileen’s story was one that wrote itself, and I enjoyed the surprises that I encountered along the way. The first was looking for an abbey for Stephen to flee to. I came upon Arbroath Abbey after reading about the place in a Scottish magazine one afternoon. It was perfect! Then there was Aileen’s father, Aidan Kerrigan. I didn’t realize he was a Fenian Warrior until he stepped into the scene at the airport. When the crowds parted, and he walked toward Aileen and the others, I got a chill. I burst out, “You’re a Warrior!” It’s one of those moments as a writer where the characters truly take over your writing.

Without a doubt, this story made me weep more than the others, especially toward the end. It was difficult, and I’m sure most of you know what I mean. However, for those that haven’t read Stephen and Aileen’s story, I willnae spoil it for ye. I’ll only share that they did get their happy ending, but it was rough getting there.

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Giveaway ~ Dragon Knight’s Medallion Journal, Keychain, jeweled bookmark, and postcard.

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As promised, I’m sharing Part Two of a deleted chapter from Dragon Knight’s Sword. To read Part One, click here. Enjoy!



Part Two ~ Dragon Knight’s Sword 

“Ahhh…here is Maggie.” Patrick cleared some space on the table for the food.

Maggie rolled her eyes at Patrick and turned toward Brigid. Smiling, she said, “It’s good to see you, though you might want to move to another booth to eat.”

“Why?” asked Brigid taking one of the plates from Maggie.

“You’ll give yourself indigestion sitting with this man.”

Patrick groaned and rubbed a hand over his face in obvious frustration.

Brigid bit the inside of her mouth to stifle the laughter. Taking the other offered plate from Maggie, she replied. “I’ll consider your advice.”

Maggie winked at her and squeezed her shoulder. “Let me know if you need anything else.”

“Thanks, Maggie.”

“The woman’s insufferable,” he muttered as they watched her stroll back to the bar.

“You do know, Patrick, she’s the best employee you’ve ever had,” stated Brigid as she reached for a french-fry off the plate.

Patrick leaned forward and whispered, “Could not agree with you more, lass. But if she ever finds out…” Patrick leaned back and shrugged. “I’ll deny it! It would be the end of my tyranny over her.”

“You’re awful,” teased Brigid. Picking up her burger, she took a bite. Savoring the flavors, she let out a moan.

“Good?” asked Patrick.

She nodded. “Delicious! Let Thomas know this is a keeper.” As she continued to eat, Brigid felt a renewed sense of energy. The food and beer were exactly what she needed.

Patrick chatted about the business and brought her up to date with the news of enlarging the pub to include musicians and singers. A dream he had spoken often to her when she worked for him. She smiled, realizing it was finally happening.

“Enough of my news, lass. What about you?”

Brigid wiped her mouth and took a sip of her beer. She gazed at him over her glass. “Patrick, have you ever heard of a legend called the Order of the Dragon Knights?”

Patrick crossed his arms over his chest, “Aye, it’s an old legend. I recall it being a sad tale, too. The legend started in Ireland, where any great legend has begun,” he said smiling. “You do know about the Tuatha de Danann?”

“Of course,” she replied. “It’s one of my favorite stories from Irish mythology.”

“Well, the Dragon Knights were descended from the Tuatha de Danann and the people of Ireland to preserve the ancient code and protect the Dragons. These beasties—the dragons, were revered in the beginning, not hunted as they were over time. Their magic was connected with the Faery race. When the great wars started, they—the last dragon and Dragon Knights fled Ireland for Scotland. A shame if you ask me, since the story ends with bloodshed there. And the tale is the Dragon Knights vanished into the mists of the Highlands.”

Brigid sighed. “Another legend that ends tragically.” She took another sip of her beer and placed the glass down. There had to be something more to this legend. What would you think, Patrick, if I told you I had one of their relics? Yeah, right, Bree. You’re still having a difficult time believing all you’ve learned today, so don’t go spouting to him about the sword.

“Why the interest in this tale?” asked Patrick as he plucked a fry off her plate.

She held her hand up. “Wait! Knights, relics, Fae, dragon? Patrick, if the Knights vanished, what happened to the dragon?  Did it disappear, too?”


Next week, Dragon Knight’s Axe! 

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  1. Congrats again on the 2-year anniversary !
    Like you, I felt kinship with Stephen and understood his pain because I too have migraines.
    You truly have a gift with words and many thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Oh, Eniko, I’m so sorry you suffer from them, too. They’re horrific! I’ve lived with them for thirty-five years, but have been blessed that they’ve subsided over the past few years.

      And thank you for your kind words. Hugs!

  2. Brenda Sims

    I so loved each these stories as they were all so different yet each with tags to the others. Thank you for the pain you clearly went through but particularly that you came out the other side with a marvellous series, one which will, I think, become a classic.

    • I totally drew on my own personal experience and for once, I’m grateful. It enabled me to see and feel Stephen’s pain, especially when he knelt by the river to draw forth cool water. An ice pack is my constant companion when I have a migraine.

      Thanks so much for visiting! 🙂

  3. Brenda Sims

    I just realised I didn’t properly explain my comment about the pain. What I meant was that even though you were in pain, you still worked through it and came out with some fabulous stories.

  4. Liz Evans

    Congratulations dear Mary..What pops immediately into my mind is chapter 30 beginning with “If the sun’s shining, the birds are singing,and all is right with the land,, that’s when the storm comes with a vengeance”…I don’t want to spoil for the readers but the interaction between Stephen & Aileens father is one of the moments I loved, plus what was revealed was amazing, but the whole book is full of wonderful moments, so happy, some so very sad & some that take you by complete surprise. Just love this book & the whole series.

  5. Nicole Laverdure

    Congratulations Mary, I love your books, they are always fun to read! Keep on writing those captivating adventures! The best moment would be when the hero and heroine first met, this moment was magical!

    • Thanks so much, Nicole! I loved having Aileen stumble upon Stephen in the tunnel.

      As long as there are readers like you, I will continue to write my stories. I pray to never disappoint you either. 🙂 xoxo

  6. Angie Morrison

    Thank you so much for your writing. I enjoyed this book so much!

  7. Debbie McCreary

    Hi Mary, congrats on your accomplishment!

    Makes me want to go back and read this series back to back.

  8. Theresa

    Hi Mary. I always enjoy the scene when the couple first meets. It tells you a lot about each of them and how their relationship will progress. And as you know, this cover is my favorite. You have done a wonderful job with this series. Looking forward to more books by you and I am so happy to have met you and found your books.

    • Covers are so important to me, Theresa. Being a former bookseller, I can’t tell you how many customers would gravitate toward a beautiful cover and snatch the book into their hands.

      Thanks so much for visiting and your love for the Dragon Knights! 🙂 xo

  9. I love this series, as you know. Congratulations again, Mary! 🙂

  10. My deepest CONGRATULATIONS, dear Mary!

  11. Starr Shamek

    I have to say the entire book is my favorite. To be more specific is when her father, Aiden which is two fold: the first is when he gave up being a Fenian warrior to be with Aileen’s mother. The second is when he, Aiden gave his life to save his daughter’s life. Aileen knew then just how much her father loved her so then she could live her life with Stephen.

  12. Roslynn Ernst

    This is one of my favorite books from you Mary. I LOVE Stephen that he is one of my book boyfriends. I have read the book about fifty times well more than that about 63 times and haven’t finished listening to the audio book. I do like several scenes that explains why I have read it so much. One of the scenes in chapter 20 after they get lady Aileen dressed for the festival celebration and is dancing with Brian and Stephen gets a little jealous and he tells Brian Aileen is mine. I just MELT!!!

    • Oh, Roslynn, thanks for your kind words! I love the Beltaine scene, too! Stephen can longer deny his feelings, especially after seeing Aileen in the arms of another man. And we all know what happened afterwards, too. 😉

      Thanks so much for visiting and your love for Dragon Knight’s Medallion!

  13. Paulette

    My breath stopping heart racing moment is Dragon Knights Medallion

    ” Not if I can stop his vile plan” said Duncan MacKay . stepping forth from the trees.
    The two brothers faced each other with wary expressions on their faces.

    At that moment the blending of the brothers was a reality , you took an entire story of one brother and blended it to the other with ease and total surprise!

    So saw their expressions and felt my breathing stop!
    What an exciting moment!

    • Yep! Totally was a surprise when he stepped through the trees. You could feel the energy between these two brothers–Duncan and Stephen. They hadn’t spoken in over a year since the night Meggie died. I always get chills with this scene. This is where the true healing begins.

      Thanks so much for visiting! Hugs!! xo

  14. congrats Mary , fabulous reads and read again books

  15. Congrats Mary. I’m so happy for you. Two years how time flys.

  16. Marie Staton

    My favorite part, was when she came back, after she thought she lost her love, and her dad died. Stephen and Aileen reunion. Loved this series, Hope you will do another Scottish book series soon.

    • And yet, another heartbreaking scene–love lost and love found again. I cried so much writing this entire story. Trust me, I cry with all my stories, but this one had my heart breaking in so many scenes.

      Thanks so much for visiting, Marie! 🙂

  17. Dianne

    My favorite scene is when Stephen met Aileen. He is still recovering from the pain of his vision. He sees Aileen and tells her “Go away, Fae.” He sees her and knows in his heart he wants nothing to do with the Fae. Aileen is confused by his statements and their interplay is hysterical.

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