Quote for the Week of January 3, 2016

E-card designed by Kimberly Court

E-card designed by Kimberly Court

“In the dark, quiet corner of his mind, the Knight sought refuge on the wings of a dragon.” 

–Dragon Knight’s Shield

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  1. Jackie Huskey

    1/3/16-Hi! Just finished the fourth of your Dragon Knights of Scotland &
    am hoping, since there seems to be unfinished matters still such as a fifth
    knight, missing? tapestries & the question- Did Lachlan die?-I was hoping
    to read more of this series in the future. Thank you for this series-JHuskey

    • Wow! Thanks, Jackie for your message! 🙂 As I’ve mentioned before, there are a total of five books in the Order of the Dragon Knights. I’m in the process of finishing the fifth Dragon Knight’s story and hope to have it out in late summer. All questions will be answered.

      Additionally, there will be a spin-off series with the Fenian Warriors–a total of four books. And, I’m writing a Christmas novella with one of the characters from the series. I’ll reveal the hero later this year.

      I’m happy to say I’ll be writing for some time…

  2. cutieb

    As always, another great quote!

  3. I was going to use that image on a post last year but refrained when I learned that it was copyrighted by the artist. I don’t recall his name, but I’m sure a little digging will turn it up. 🙂

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