Medieval Monday ~ Betrayal from Dragon Knight’s Medallion


Welcome to Medieval Monday. This week is all about betrayal. I’ve chosen an excerpt from Dragon Knight’s Medallion. For the first time, I’m putting out a ***SPOILER ALERT*** tag. If you haven’t read the second book, be warned. The excerpt below contains a spoiler.

A side note, too, my publisher has dropped the price for Dragon Knight’s Medallion to $2.99. A fabulous deal! Now on to the story…


Aileen Kerrigan has just found out that her father and mother kept an important secret from her. Now she will also confront another family member, her aunt.

Excerpt from Dragon Knight’s Medallion ~

Aileen backed up slowly, pressing herself against the wall. “In your hands is the journal and medallion of Sir Stephen MacKay.”

“Aileen, where did you find these?” Lily asked in a hushed tone.

Now it was Aileen’s turn to laugh. “Well, you see, the journal was in my father’s possession, but I came upon the medallion down by the ocean this morning.” Pushing away from the wall, she took the items from her aunt. A shadow of something passed over her aunt’s face.

She rubbed the medallion’s cool surface infusing her with strength, her gaze directed at her aunt. “Tell me something…have you always known about the vision my mother had of me coming to Scotland, and meeting some untimely ending?”

Aunt Lily’s shoulders slumped, which told Aileen all she needed to know.

“So your father’s finally told you.” She reached out a hand, but Aileen took a step backwards. “You don’t understand, dear.” Her hand fisted. “I made your mother a solemn vow—a promise not to say anything to you.”

“There are so many secrets locked into each of you that it makes me wonder whose truth is real.” Turning away, she headed back outside. She needed distance…distance from everyone.


She paused, refusing to meet her aunt’s gaze. Aileen had enough of her own emotions without seeing the anguish in Aunt Lily’s.

Her aunt’s voice carried an edge of steel when she spoke. “You are descended from magical people, Aileen, and magic is at the core of who you are. There is still so much you need to comprehend and learn.” Her tone took a more ominous turn. “Do not close yourself off to the possibilities of it all. To do so will only bring you destruction.”

Aileen drew in a long breath and held it, holding back a terse retort. She would not give her the satisfaction of an acknowledgement. Holding her chin high, she walked deftly away from her aunt, seeking consolation away from the people who had called themselves family.


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  1. Dianne

    If I had only heeded the aunt’s warning I would have understood better the surprise waiting for Aileen. Good memory!

    • Aww…thanks so much, Dianne. Yet, Aileen felt betrayed by her family–first her mother and father, then her aunt. And what follows, more so. In so many ways, her life was manipulated. But as we all know, the Fates will have their way in the end. 😉

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