Medieval Monday ~ Battle Scene from Dragon Knight’s Axe

d80f78aa528a4583ceba3df6fc7151b9Welcome back to Medieval Monday! This week I’m featuring an excerpt from a battle scene between Alastair MacKay and Michael MacFhearguis from Dragon Knight’s Axe.

Those that have been following the Dragon Knights series know that each of the MacKay brothers has a special elemental gift.

Alastair’s power is from the land, and he can speak to the animals. You’ll see him use it briefly in this scene.

Excerpt from Dragon Knight’s Axe ~

Hands clenched around his sword, Alastair waited until one of the men rode close enough. Slashing his hand through the air, he brought forth rocks, flinging them at the man’s head and knocking him from his horse. Alastair was there in two strides, slicing across his neck with his blade. Quickly turning, he then flung his dirk out at the other man, hitting him in the chest.

“Ye should have killed me first!” yelled Michael, dismounting from his horse.

Alastair shifted his stance in preparation for the attack. “It would have been far too simple.”

The hiss of steel immediately filled the air, as each was intent on destroying the other. Blow after blow was delivered, and Alastair’s rage continued to intensify. He would not stop until the man lay dead beneath him. His smile turned lethal as he used his power against the MacFhearguis, watching him stumble.

“Ye cannae even fight like a man,” hissed Michael, fixing him with a dark stare.

“This from the man who rapes women.” Alastair’s tone was bitter, slashing out at him again.

Michael’s steps faltered from the blow, and Alastair took advantage of the moment, thrusting and then slicing through the man’s thigh.

“Bastard!” roared Michael falling to the ground.

Stalking over in slow predatory movements, he leveled his blade at Michael’s throat. “Time to make peace with your Gods.”

“Stop, MacKay!” shouted Patrick, quickly vaulting free from his horse.

Never leaving his gaze from the man on the ground, Alastair asked, “Why should I?”

Patrick stood behind his brother, his blade aimed at Alastair. “He is my laird.”

“He killed Fiona,” he replied in a harsh raw voice.

“She might still live. Go to her, Alastair. I will tend to my brother.”


I hope you enjoyed this brief teaser of a battle scene from Dragon Knight’s Axe.


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  1. ann

    I am doing a reread of the book So worth a second time around.
    Have a good one ann/alba

  2. Dianne

    What a wonderful start to my day. Even though I know how it ends, I love the sword play I can see in my head. Thank you for creating such a wonderful scene.

  3. this fight scene was awesome ,loved it

  4. Susan Fox

    Your books thrill me Mary. Thank You for sharing your wonderful imagination with us. oxoxox

  5. Elizabeth Evans

    Every time I read your battle scenes I get goosebumps. Your writing is beyond compare… Its just gets better & better. Love this entire serues

  6. Wow! That’s a great scene, Mary.

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