Medieval Monday ~ First Kiss in Dragon Knight’s Axe


Nothing is more romantic than a first kiss between a couple. It can be tender, soft, and sometimes unsure.

Yet, in Dragon Knight’s Axe, Alastair “Beast” MacKay was fighting a losing battle with Fiona O’Quinlan as he constantly fought both the man and the beast within him.

Let’s take a peek into their fiery first kiss of passion…


Excerpt from Dragon Knight’s Axe ~

“By the hounds! Can ye not watch where ye are walking?” he snapped, his own words sounding more harsh than intended.

Her eyes blazed with fury at him. “Excuse me? I was not the one walking backwards. I only wanted to get more water.”

He grabbed his tunic and stepped away from her. “Next time make yourself known. I could have plunged a dirk in ye.”

As he walked away, he could hear her muttering. Again, she called him an ass with no manners. He froze at the last mention of her words. Turning around, he stormed back.

“If I did not have manners, I would have taken ye many times, Fiona O’Quinlan. So it would be best to remember that I have treated ye fairly and with respect.”

She tossed the water skin down on the ground and glared up at him. “I’m tired of this dance, this duel between you and your alter ego. One moment hot, the next, cold. Fire and ice. Compassionate and tender. Harsh and bitter.” Her words gushed forth, and she waved her hands about. “I never know how to approach you. Are you always—”

Grasping her forearms, Alastair drew her to him, her feet barely touching the ground. Her eyes went wide as he bent his head and moved his mouth over her lips, devouring their softness. It was meant to silence her words—to frighten her.

Yet, the moment he touched her silken mouth, his body exploded in an array of sensations.

He meant it to be a chaste kiss. That was his sole purpose. However, she took him by surprise when her tongue slipped through, grazing along his bottom lip in a sensual play until she stroked his tongue. He sucked in a breath, taking her groan of pleasure into his body. His head swam as she tasted, nipped, and deepened the kiss.

Her kiss sang through his blood.

Sweeping her up into his arms, he broke free from her mouth. Eyes that glittered like jewels with desire peered into his. It was not his beast that craved her touch—her body. It was the man, and he trembled with the revelation.


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  1. ohhhhhhhh that was an awesome scene ,thought he was gonna spank her ,not kiss, sighhhhhhhhhh, what a kiss

  2. Dianne

    Hot! And oh so sexy.

  3. Suzie Johnson

    Wow! The tension between them is great. Go Fiona ! I love the strongly opinioned ladies.

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