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Welcome back to Medieval Monday with a twist. Animal encounters! They have a way of bringing tenderness and humor to a story. I could fill several pages with all the ones I write about in my series, but today I’ll include one from Dragon Knight’s Axe.

Here is a friend from the Scottish Games that I posted the other day. Let’s pretend this is Alastair’s deerhound, Merlin. He was dear to my heart when he came charging into the scene, and this particular excerpt tells us that Alastair is not the only one with special gifts.

Excerpt from Dragon Knight’s Axe…

Putting down her knife, Fiona took another sip from her mug. Already feeling much better and more curious, she decided to continue with her questioning. “And what about his brothers?”

“Brothers? Not a whisper of them. And yes, we ken what they are. It was clear when we saw the markings on his back.”

Fiona’s head snapped up. “Excuse me? Markings?” She leaned closer. “What do you mean?”

“The mark of the dragon,” replied Mary.

“Oh my…”

Mary wiped her hands on her smock and took a seat next to Fiona. “Lass, have ye just met the man?”

The heat crept into her face, and Fiona glanced down at her hands. “Well…ummm, no. Actually, yes…it’s complicated.” Drawing in a huge breath and releasing it, she looked up. “I understand he comes from a family of Dragon Knights, and I was curious to find out more considering we will be traveling together to the Great Glen.”

“I am no longer that man,” said a low voice at the entrance of the door.

Damn, damn, damn! The man moved as silently as a cat.

Alastair moved aside, letting the deerhound stumble inside. Instantly, the animal trotted over to Fiona and put its head in her lap.

She avoided looking at Alastair, for she could only envision the look on his face. A scowl for certain.

“What a handsome fellow you are.” Fiona smiled as she scratched his ears. Leaning closer, she let out a bark of laughter and lifted her head to meet Alastair’s stare. “You named him, Merlin?”

Instantly regretting the words that slipped out of her mouth, Fiona watched in horror as Alastair’s face went pale.

“How did ye ken?”

Swallowing, Fiona just shrugged. Busted again.

Desmond came up behind Alastair and did the unthinkable. “The dog probably told her his name.”

Alastair swore softly under his breath and took a few stumbling steps back before making a hasty retreat out of the cottage.

Mary giggled and removed herself back to the hearth mumbling about a fine pair.

Fiona glared at Desmond before turning her attention back to Merlin. She continued to stroke his fur, whispering, “Yes, I understand he can be a pain in the arse most days.”

Merlin let out a bark.


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt with Merlin. Next week on Medieval Monday is First Kiss! And don’t forget to visit these authors on Medieval Monday:

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  1. so loved this book and Merlin was such a great part of the story, loved him

    • So far, Merlin takes center stage in my heart out of all the animals I’ve written. Yet, how could I forget Cuchulainn from Dragon Knight’s Sword? He’s another fav of my heart!

      Thanks so much Sharon! XO

  2. Outstanding excerpt! Deerhounds are very popular 🙂

  3. Dianne

    I loved it the first time and it is even better the second time. Merlin never said truer words. But I still love Alastair even when he’s a pain in the arse.

  4. Anne

    Ach, I know this is a deerhound and I believe on Facebook I referred to it as an Irish WolfHound….but they DO look alike and I love them both.
    This is a wonderful excerpt from “….Axe”. How I would love to have a “Merlin”. 🙂

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