A Link to the Past…

Keep calm and take me to Scotland

Aww…this sign says it all, don’t you think?

Well, since I can’t whisk off to Scotland anytime soon, I did get a chance to attend the Scottish Games hosted by the San Francisco Caledonian Club. This is no small venue my friends–its massive!

The moment you step out of your car, you can hear the sound of bagpipes. You’re greeted at the gates with cheers and smiles. It’s the nearest I can come to Scotland, England, Wales, or Ireland, and I’ve been attending these games for over twenty years. I wasn’t able to take in all the sites–from the competitions, dancing, music, arts and crafts, sheep herding, food, and beer. However, my dear husband went off with camera in hand and took these shots. Let me warn you, I’m showing off the animals first.

One important place of interest that I always have to visit is the California Foundation for Birds of Prey.  They are a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to: Raptor Rehabilitation, Education, and Conservation.   Each year CFBP rescues hundreds of ill, orphaned, and injured raptors.

Their goal is simple–promote a balance between raptor, man, and the environment.  Birds of Prey (also called raptors) include: eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and vultures.












Love watching the sheep herding trails!







And another friend…a Highland coo






Is this Alastair MacKay’s deerhound, Merlin from Dragon Knight’s Axe? 😉




One of my favorite Celtic Rock bands from Scotland ~ Albannach!











I’ll leave you with a sample of their music. Enjoy!

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  1. Scotland is a place full of mysteries and interesting places. I love Scottish music. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer G

    The games were amazing. Your booth was awesome and it was a great day! Got to here Albannach live! Amazing!

  3. awesome pictures Mary , thanks for sharing and so love the music

  4. Anne Davis

    Doesn’t it all look and sound familiar????!!!

  5. Vici

    So sorry I missed it and you this year. Can’t wait to see you in Ventura!

  6. Linda

    Saw you in Pleasanton, bought all three books. Really enjoyed our conversation.

    • Oh, Linda, thank you so much. I had a fabulous time and loved speaking with you, too!

      Just saw your message about my books and I’m jumping for joy. 🙂 Thrilled you enjoyed the Dragon Knights!

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