Friday Feast ~ Guinness Float

IMG_2987I’m deep into my second round of edits, but I wanted to end the month of all things Irish with a simple, tasty treat. ‘Tis verra simple, and since we’re breaking records here with our heatwave this early in the year, I instantly thought of this quick recipe. It’s so delicious!

Grab a container of your favorite vanilla ice cream and a bottle of Guinness. Pull out a tall glass and place ice cream inside. Open bottle of Guinness–take a sip, and pour over the ice cream.

There’s your Guinness Float! However, if you’re a purist, then drink the Guinness and serve your ice cream with root beer.


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  1. IIIInteresting! Good to try when the heat wave hits us too. For the moment it’s cold and raining not the usual spring we had.

    • I long for cold and raining, Carmen. We’re in the worst drought ever. Hope you get a chance to try this recipe. I love the bitterness of the beer with the sweetness of the ice cream. 🙂

  2. Dianne

    Never thought of that combination before, and have to wonder if it’s a bit of the blarney. I once had a friend in Kenya tell me that cola mixed with Tusker (the local beer) was the thing to do. I tried it – it’s terrible. When I told him, he started laughing and said “April Fools!”

  3. Cutieb

    Hooray for edits!!! Yummy idea, would have never thought of ice cream and Guinness!

  4. Oh my goodness this sounds delicious. I love Guinness. I’m making it tonight. Thanks, Mary.

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