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Please welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author and friend, Louise Lyndon on my blog today! Her new release, Of Love and Vengeance is a historical romance set in Medieval England. Before I share a bit about her wonderful book, here is my interview with Louise.

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Mary, thank you so much for interviewing me today. I really do appreciate being able to appear on your blog!

You’re so welcome, Louise. Please describe a typical writing day. Are you a morning, afternoon, or night-owl writer?

It really depends on the day or if I am on holiday (vacation)! If it’s a Saturday or Sunday I usually write from the time I wake up until the time I need to go to bed. If it’s during the week – I tend start writing around seven in the evening (I have a day job). Yet, oddly enough, if I’m on holiday, I don’t normally start writing until about 4 the afternoon and go all the way through to about 1am.

I envy authors who can write into the wee hours of the morning. I turn into a pumpkin after 7pm. Can you tell us about your current work-in-progress?

My current work in progress is a historical romance set in medieval England. It is tentatively titled, Of Love and Betrayal – and you guessed it, it’s a follow up to my current release, Of Love and Vengeance. You’ll see some of the characters from Vengeance make an appearance in Betrayal, but betrayal is set some fifty years after the end of Vengeance.

I love when characters appear again in a series. What inspires you when you’re writing?

Other books inspire me. I don’t mean that I “borrow” storylines from other authors! No, it may be a snippet of their dialogue that has my mind suddenly going off in fifty thousand different directions always asking, “if this happens, what about this…” It’s never ending!

Reading is very inspirational, Louise! What’s your favorite item on your writing desk?

I don’t know if I should admit this – while I do have a writing desk of sorts, I actually write in bed. So I’ll have to say my comfy triangle pillow is my favourite item!

Your comfy pillow sounds wonderful. Now onto some fun questions. Do you prefer…

Champagne or Beer?


Southern drawl or Scottish burr?

Scottish burr.

Kilt or Leather pants?

Oooh, tough choice. Depends on who is wearing the kilt or leather pants.

Print book or e-reader?

E-reader. I love my Kindle Fire.

Wishing you all the best with your new release!



Forced to marry Lord Aymon to ensure her young nephews survival, English Lady Laila vows undying hatred for the Norman she holds responsible for the deaths of so many innocents. Discovering Aymon has committed an act of treason gives her the chance to seek vengeance he deserves.  But can Laila let Aymon die at the hands of the king once she learns the truth?

A hardened Norman warrior, Lord Aymon has lived through atrocities no man ever should. With the invasion of England over, all he wants is a quiet life and a wife who will give him heirs and obey his every command. Instead, he finds himself wed to feisty and outspoken Laila. But when she learns the truth of his treasonous act, can Aymon count on her to keep his secret?

Excerpt One:

Aymon caught a flicker of movement from a window on the second story. “I think we’re about to meet the welcome party.” An arrow zoomed toward him and landed on the pommel of his saddle. A half an inch closer and he would no longer be able to sire children. As if in demonstration of his ability with the bow and arrow, the shooter fired again. This time directed toward Hugh. The second arrow too came within a half an inch of his friend’s manhood.

“You missed!” Aymon called toward the shooter.  He questioned his stupidity for mocking someone with such a good aim.

“You want me to show you how good an aim I really am?” a woman’s voice echoed out across the yard.

“Bloody hell,” Hugh half cursed, half laughed. “Where does a woman learn to shoot like that?”

Aymon was shocked and admittedly a little impressed a woman had such remarkable shooting skills. He could use such a sharp shooter on his side in battle. After all, it was better to have someone so skilled firing for you than at you.

Aymon raised his black leather gloved hand in surrender. “No. I’m firmly attached to my balls, thank you very much.”

“Who are you?” the shooter demanded. “And what do you want? There is nothing of value here for you to steal. Be on your way, man, and leave me in peace.”

“Some would say a female is of value,” Aymon drawled sardonically.

A second arrow lodged firmly on the pommel between his legs.

“I do not give third chances. I’ll give you to the count of three to leave. Or else you will find an arrow straight through your heart.”

Aymon’s warhorse whinnied, and he fought to control the beast whose temperament was as black as his coat. “Put down your weapon!”


“We mean you no harm!”


“I am Lord Aymon, and this is Lord Hugh. I’ve come to claim what is rightfully mine.”


The two men looked at one another unsure what to do. “Should we storm the building and lay claim to what is yours?”

Aymon shook his head. He dismounted but never took his eyes from the door to the manor. “She will soon make her appearance.”

Hugh, too, dismounted. “How can you be so sure?”

Aymon looked at his friend. “We do not have arrows through our hearts.”


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  1. Hey Mary – thank you so much for having me as your guest. It’s so great to be here!

  2. Historical romances most often have a special flavor of past, romantic times. I enjoyed the interview and excerpt. It’s always nice to meet new authors.
    Best of luck with your writing!

  3. Dianne

    I love the excerpt. It makes me want to see how your hero and heroine finally come to terms.

  4. I couldn’t help but smile when you said you wrote in bed. I tried that once. I got so into what I was writing that half the night went by before I knew it and I only got a couple of hours sleep before having to get up and go to work. I love reading historical romances and am putting yours on my list. Great post, Ladies.

  5. The Normans were cruel even for conquerors. Wipe out a whole settlement by axing little kids and adults in the head. You’re pushing your new book. Understand that. Good luck.

  6. Liz Evans

    Wonderful interview & I love the Norman invasion time period…this is a must read for me

  7. Rhonda Kirby

    Thanks so much for the introduction to this author. She will be a new one for me and I look forward to reading Her work.

  8. K Davis

    Another book to be added to my wish list! Sounds great. Thanks for the contest and my fingers are crossed. 🙂

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