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One of the great joys when writing is including animals into the story. I could not imagine keeping them out. They can provide that added element–be it comedic or playing the hero.

They are just as important as any other “human” character in my stories.

This was our precious “little girl,” who has left us for the Rainbow Bridge years ago. Since I write stories based in medieval times, I cannot have a dachshund running around the castle. Yet, what about a deerhound?

Slouched down, next to Cormac’s chair was a Scottish deerhound. Every now and then, it would raise its large brown eyes, pleading for some scraps. Bending low, Brigid whispered, “If you’re good, perhaps one small treat when I’m finished.”

When my family read this, they laughed and said, “So you, Mary!” I often did the same to not only my own dogs, but to others, too. Spoiled them constantly.

My afternoon with Clyde

My afternoon with Clyde

And we all know that any medieval book would definitely have a horse, or two.

This was taken during an outing with my daughters. I could have stayed on the horse all day. Pure bliss!



Brandubh snickered, and Brigid had a feeling it was directed toward Duncan. She sidestepped past Duncan, proceeding to ignore him. Placing her hand gently on Brandubh’s muzzle, she spoke softly to him. He moved his head up and down as she continued to speak in soft words.
Duncan stood glaring at them both. How dare he—that traitorous beast! –excerpt, DRAGON KNIGHT’S SWORD



In early 2013, we had many jackrabbits staying in our neighborhood. This was the first to wander near our front door, and he became a familiar face each morning and early evening. I had a constant supply of carrots on hand to feed them all. I started to name the ones that stopped by daily. Sadly, in early December when the first major chill descended, most of them left and only a few remain.

When she opened her eyes, two dark brown ones stared back at her from the grass. A nut-brown hare sat munching on some grass, content to keep her company. –excerpt, DRAGON KNIGHT’S SWORD

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle


If I could choose a power, it would be to fly like a bird! Falconry is on my “bucket” list of items to learn. They are so majestic in the air.



Sorcha flew overhead, and he watched as she flew down perching herself onto a branch not far from where he stood. Standing still, he kept his eyes transfixed on her. –excerpt, DRAGON KNIGHT’S SWORD

Therefore, my love of animals will always be a huge part in my books, so I hope you enjoyed reading about them in DRAGON KNIGHT’S SWORD.

Do you like animals in the books you read? 

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  1. Great post Mary (and what a lovely horse, he looks so gentle.) I agree – I have animals of one sort or an other in all my books, including a horse that went to the Rainbow Bridge who features in ‘Dancing With Fate’. I love this post, I may steal the idea in the future! 🙂

    • Aww…thanks, Lyn! Clyde was definitely a gentle spirit, and I plan on returning for more rides within the next few months. I couldn’t imagine any of my books not having some type of furry or feathered one.

      Steal away my friend! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Dianne

    I love having animals in the books I read, and in my life. In my life, many of my loving friends have passed on to Rainbow Bridge. What you do, Mary, is immortalize your animal friends. I think that’s why I love Nell so much – her way with animals is so special.

    • Wow, Dianne! You’re right. I have honored my animal friends by putting them in my stories. Nell tugged at my heart instantly the moment she stepped into the scene. Thanks for loving her and Dragon Knight’s Sword. (((HUGS)))

  3. Animals lend such a sympathetic element to stories. I enjoyed your post!

  4. I am not at all surprised to see Lyn commenting. We are both huge animal lovers. Poor, Lyn, just lost her beloved doggie. I always have pets in my stories. They are so important to all of us. No where do you get such unconditional love… I usually lurk in the background, but I can so relate. Best of luck with sales. This is my kinda story!

    • Awww….Mary, thanks. 🙂 It’s the one thing my animals have always taught me, too–unconditional love. If we could all love like animals, the world would be a much better place. Yes, my heart aches for Lyn, too.

  5. Susan Fox

    Animals make everything better, God created them to enhance our lives. I love horses too. I would want to be a bird myself, hence whitedove. Love Dragon Knights Sword and you. My dogs Waldo and Blaze went to the Rainbow Bridge many years ago, I had them 14 yrs and 16 yrs respectively. I think animals anchor a story.

    • Oooo…Susan, a white dove is beautiful. It would seem everyone here loves to have animal(s) included in their stories, and that makes me smile.

      Thank you for loving my book and for your friendship. 🙂

  6. Cyndy Rempel

    You know me life would not be complete without my “girls”. I was looking at my facebook last night and I think I have friended more animal organization than people, I am up to four that I donate to each month.

  7. Although I’m not someone who owns many pets, just a pug named Max, I do love to watch birds and animals in the wild. I live in Northern Canada and you never know when you might bump into a deer or a moose (BTW, moose are big and scary.) Nature is a joy to behold.

    • Well, Marlowe, it only takes one to make a difference in our lives, right? Love pugs. 🙂

      Can’t even imagine all the wonderful wildlife you have in Canada! How very special!

  8. Noelle Robbins

    Loved your post and the pics. Animals are truly a gift and can teach us to be better human beings. I myself have owned more types of animal species than anyone I know and they are all unique in their own personalities, it’s really quite amazing. They definately portray such happiness and love, I just wish I could bottle their selfless, good natured spirit!

  9. Karen Blake-Hall

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely animals. I don’t have any pets right now and I rally enjoyed your blog. It brought back so many lovely memories.

    • Oh Karen, thank you so much!! Mine, too, have all gone away, but I could not imagine a story without bringing them in…no matter what kind of animal. They brought so much love, laughter, and tears that I felt in my heart I had to include them.

  10. librarypat

    Animals are and have been an important part of man’s life for a long time. It would n0t seem natural to depict a community without them. Whether they are working members of the family or spoiled pets, they hold a special place in our lives.

  11. Cutieb

    I absolutely love animals in my story. They make for a warmer story and often times bring the laughter forth, just like in your book. Nell holds a special place in my heart. I could visualize her little hideaway sanctuary for all her special animals. She is truly one of your special characters.
    This is a wonderful post with great pictures!

    • Thanks, Cutieb! She charmed her way into my heart the moment she entered the scene with flour from the kitchens still on her nose. 🙂

      My stories with always include animals, and I’m so happy that everyone agrees.

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