I’m a Guest Author on Tartan Ink!

firework-edinburgh-castleI can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to type that in the subject box! An author…on Tartan Ink?

Yes, it’s really happening!

The wonderful, talented, (and proud to call my friend) Sue-Ellen Welfonder is hosting me today on her blog, Tartan Ink.

I’ll be discussing Dragon Knight’s Sword, which officially releases on Wednesday, June 4. However, I have heard through the “faery” line that some already have a copy in their hands.

Fear not, I will be giving away an e-book and a print copy of Dragon Knight’s Sword, so I do hope you’ll stop by to say, “hello.” Also, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the story.

Here is an early review from Leah Weller…

I saw deeper than the words written on these pages, straight into a true medieval heart, and that one belongs to Mary Morgan. Her words transport, and if you believe, they will speak to your soul. I’ve read for many years now and I can count on one hand the authors that move me this deeply. She is one of them.”

As a writer, you can only dream of receiving a review like this one, so I feel tremendously blessed. Thank you, Leah! You can read Leah’s full review here.

Just click here to enter Tartan Ink. 

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  1. Leah Weller

    I’m feeling blessed to be able to watch as you take flight, Mary! My heart just bursts with happiness! Soar like a Peregrine, my friend!

    Love you! <3

    • I’m trying to stay “grounded,” Leah, but it’s not happening, lol! I’m flying, crying, and dancing. Duncan and Brigid’s story is out there for the world… Love you so much, too! 🙂

  2. Dalila G.

    OMGOSH!!! Big Congrats!!
    YAY for you Mary on your soon to be release book!!
    Tomorrow is right around the corner, yet too far away! LOL!
    I can’t wait to start reading your book. 🙂
    Have a blast over at Tartan Ink.

    • (((HUGS))) Dalila! It’s so exciting to be over at Tartan Ink! The very first place where I told the “outside” world that I was a writer. Only a few family members and friends had known I was writing and I had just told them the previous month.

      Hope you enjoy DRAGON KNIGHT’S SWORD! 🙂

  3. The pleasure is all mine, Mary! It’s so wonderful to honor you and Dragon Knight’s Sword at Tartan Ink. I love seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and love for you. Well deserved, every bit of it. Enjoy the triumph! I am over-the-moon happy for you!!! (((HUGS)))

  4. Barb R

    Woohoo Mary and an extra ‘oh happy day’! Just placed my paperback order w/Amazon and I should FINALLY have it in my greedy, anxiously awaiting hands this Friday – can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! FINALLY will be happy as a clam to read this absolutely fantastic tale I have been looking forward to for so long to read – most likely will read non-stop once I get started – oh happy day, again, LOL!!!

    • OH MY GOSH, BARB!!! You just won a copy on Tartan Ink — a print copy! So if you get this message, I hope you can cancel your order my friend. Please let me know…


  5. Cutieb

    That was a fabulous party and super sweet of Sue-Ellen to host you on her blog!

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