June Newsletter!

The June newsletter is up!

You’ll find it here, or at the top of my site under the tab, “Newsletter.”

Take a peek for some fun surprises!

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Dragon Knight's Sword, Newsletter


  1. Cutieb

    Yay! So excited to read it!

  2. Marilyn Munro

    Can not wait to read the new book.

  3. Terry Evans

    Typical me. I have been sooooooooo excited about reading DKS and I just discovered it is available on Amazon. Clearly I missed some important dates along the way. Anyway I ordered and it is on its way as we speak. As you probably know, there are three five star reviews written by readers on the Amazon order page. Kudos, Mary. Can’t wait to write my review !

    • No, you didn’t miss the important date. The official release date is June 4th, but Amazon kicked out the print version on May 30!!! Don’t have a clue, so I’m going with the party!

      Yes, I’m thrilled with the early reviews! Kept holding my breath until I saw them, lol! Thank you, Terry for all of your support and for purchasing my book! I truly appreciate it! (((HUGS)))

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