May Newsletter

Happy May Day!

My first newsletter is up! Take a look here ~ May Newsletter.

You can always find it on the tab, “Newsletter” at the top of my website.

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  1. What a beautiful site. Good luck with your WRP launch. I look forward to reading your book.
    Mine will follow your a week or so later!

  2. Casey

    Love the quote from the newsletter Mary! Can’t wait for your release !!! <3

  3. Barb R

    Got my bid in – great and very worthy cause! Can’t wait to get my hands on your books – really looking forward to reading them!

    My dad passed away in a diabetic coma after suffering greatly for years as he was a ‘bad boy’ with his diabetic treatment but he would not be deterred. My hubby has Type II and unfortunately he also is a ‘bad boy’ with his treatment who will not do as he should. All I can do is pray he will not get any worse and that God continues to keep His hand on my husband’s shoulder each and every day . . . .

    • Oh Barb…then you truly understand. My father also had diabetes, developed later on in his adult life, but was a huge contributor to his other health problems. I will say prayers along with you for him, too. My nephew’s son was diagnosed with Type 1 a few years ago at the age of six, I believe.

      And bless you, for putting in a bid! Love with hugs… 🙂

      Also, I just added a few more items to the tote and will be posting a new picture.

  4. Anne

    That is such a wonderful cause. Type II diabetes runs in our family and I have seen the toll it takes on the body.
    Love these little “tastes” of your book. I have a bazillion books on my “to read” shelf…but will put those aside to dive into yours.

  5. Anne D.

    Very exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing the book and you, soon!!

  6. Leah Weller

    Oh, Mary….. When I read that quote I got chills from head to toe. This book is definitely going to move me. 🙂
    Diabetes and I walk hand in hand, sadly. Great cause and what a package up for grabs too!

    I also love the header above…beautiful words. Has it always said that or is it newly added? I am the least observant person at times.

    • And this is why it’s so important for us to find a cure, my friend. Would love to see one in your lifetime.

      Yes, the header has always been there (for about two months)…before then, it was under my name in tiny script since the conception of my website/blog. My good friend/assistant, Danita, worked her magic and placed it in the header. Love with (((HUGS)))

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