When the World Shifts…

For the past few months this is what my life has felt like. No worries, I won’t bore you with the details, but when I saw this picture I laughed out loud!


“That’s me!” I’m hanging on for dear life.

In moments where the stress was completely unbearable, I escaped to my haven.

My garden. It’s where I find balance.

I’ve been doing a lot of escaping, so I thought I would share some pictures of what I planted recently.



Mary's garden

Mary's garden



Lovely hydrangea flowers spill forth from beautiful green leaves. Last year their color was lavender and this year, a lovely shade of pink. It’s all in the soil…

Mary's garden






These are called, Dianthus and they will grow and spread out over time…



Mary's garden

You can’t really see them, but these wee blue flowers are called, Lithodora and will also spread throughout my garden along the brick borders.


Mary's garden


These roses were planted six years ago and I swear they grow larger every season.



Mary's garden


Tomatoes have been planted along with cucumbers, and a variety of peppers this year.



I have added more herbs to my garden and will show those off in a later post.

So tell me my friends…when your world tilts and sways, where do you go? Do you have a special haven?

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  1. Mary, When I’m feeling stressed, I either disappear into my music or take my dog, Shannon, for a walk out under the trees on our property. We have strong, ancient oaks, some very wise ash (that give me council), magical rowans and those conifers that wear their green gowns all winter. Oh, and how could I forget the graceful willows? Makes me feel much better …

    • Oh Laura, I envy your trees…big sigh, since I’m a lover of trees. How wonderful that you have not only them, but your music and Shannon. 🙂

      I used to live near the coast and there is a very old oak that I would visit. It’s sits on a path near the ocean, so with the combination of the two, I’m in another realm.

  2. Anne

    I,too,like to take long walks. It helps to clear my head and always puts things into perspective. Plus, I get to breathe the fresh air and admire the beauty that is nature….even when it is surrounded by concrete. 🙂
    On other days…I escape from the world in reading and a cup of tea. A good read can take me to another realm or time and leave me with the courage to step back onto the path that Angels fear to tred. 🙂

  3. Leah Weller

    I think I would love your gardens and the peace I sense just through your words. I escape into books and when I get the chance to escape physically, it’s to the mountains I head. Beautiful pictures, Mary!

    • I’ve seen pictures of the places you’ve visited, Leah, and they’re spectacular. A magical realm to rest and recharge. Ahh…beauty in the mountains.

      Thanks Leah, too, for “sensing” the peace I was trying to convey. It hasn’t been easy lately, so my garden serenity transferred into my post. (Now, if I can only get the wp email to work, lol! Having issues with technology)

  4. Cutieb

    How do you get away from 3 wild and crazy boys no matter how stressful life is?? I usually wait until about 9 o’clock when everyone goes to bed, to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. I wish I had a garden to run to……someday. Your flowers are beautiful and I am quite jealous! You just make sure that you do hang in there because I have faith that in the end, it will all be worth every stress filled moment. (((hugs)))

    • It’s good to hear you make sure to get your “quiet” time, especially with three boys…oh my!

      Yes, I’m always a believer that one has to walk through fire to get to the water of completion. Being poetic here, but it’s my aspect on life’s journeys…Love you!

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