My Love of Irish Literature…

Kenney's Bookstore, Galway, Ireland

Kenny’s Bookshop, Galway, Ireland

My love of books knows no bounds…especially on those of Ireland.

From the stories of the Red Branch, Brian Boru, and Grania, to more current — Trinity, Redemption, and Michael Collins, these are just a few of my favorites.

I’ve devoured these for decades. A thirst for my country — my island of Ireland.

It was in the mid-90’s that I had an account with Des Kenny in Ireland. I would give him a list of items I liked to read and a budget. Several times a year, boxes came filled with books from Ireland that I couldn’t get here in the States. A treasure trove I looked forward to like a child on Christmas.

When I took my first trip to Ireland in 2000, I was fortunate to meet him. I’ll never forget that day, since we only had an hour and not a clue where his shop was located. Leave it to my intelligent husband to find it and get us there and back in plenty of time. As I entered, he was sitting at his desk and when I told him my name, he looked up and smiled, knowing instantly who I was…

Sadly, his shop is no longer there, but I do believe he has an online site where you can still purchase books and artwork.

And the young man walking past in the picture above is my son.

Ireland 2000Of course, there were other bookstores to visit in Ireland, too…

Again, the young man leaning against the building is my son.



Ireland 2000I did not have a clue that my husband had taken this photo until we returned home and viewed our pictures. He found it interesting that since I worked in a bookstore, I would want to visit them, too.


I shrugged and told him I’ve landed in heaven. 


Ireland 2000Words can’t begin to describe how I felt walking through these doors into Trinity College. It had always been a dream of mine to attend their summer class on Ancient Irish studies. I spent a long time in the library, called the Long Room and also viewed the Book of Kells.

And yes, that is my son walking ahead of me. As I was gathering these pictures for today’s post, I was wondering what my son was thinking. 

Yet, understanding my husband, he enjoys taking candid photos and that’s what they are…us enjoying our time in Ireland.

It truly brought back fond memories of my trip…

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  1. Anne

    How could Des Kenny not know who you were…with a face like an Irish
    You must have felt the ghosts of your Celtic ancestors around you when you
    were there. The McGinnis,McLeaster,O’Connell,Morgan,Hayes and many more clans surrounded you.

  2. Leah Weller

    Mary, the first thing that came to me reading this and looking at the pictures was a smell of old books. 🙂

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