On This Day in 1189…

King William the Lion of Scotland

On this day in 1189…

The Quitclaim of Canterbury was signed. It is a treaty agreed between King Richard I of England and King William of Scotland.

Called a “Quitclaim,” because the essence of the treaty was that Richard I agreed to give up any claim he had for feudal superiority over William.

This superiority had been gained by Richard’s father, Henry in 1174 through the capture of William and forcing him to agree to the “Treaty of Falaise.”

In addition, Richard agreed to:

Return to William his castles of Roxburgh and Berwick…

Confirm his rights over the earldom of Huntingdon…

Yet, William was required to pay the sum of 10,000 marks, since Richard needed the money to go off and fight the Third Crusade.

The Quitclaim of Canterbury is the earliest surviving Scottish public record. It is held in the National Archives of Scotland.

In Dragon Knight’s Sword, I mention briefly the Treaty of Falaise. Duncan Mackay has a few choice, ahem…angry words regarding the treaty.

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