Stepping Back In Time With My Girls…

Girl’s weekend is a treasured event in my family — one where I spend quality time with my daughters. They are grown with families, but it’s important to still have our time together. 

No husbands or children allowed!

Just us gals…

Recently, we created a ‘bucket list’ of specific adventures we wanted to see or do, and this was our latest.

We took a step back in time to a Renaissance Faire. Full of bawdy men and women…laughter and singing…scrumptious food and jousting!

A delight to the senses, indeed. We could not help but join in the fun…


Two men giving a demonstration. As we watched sitting on bales of hay, we ate delicious food, cheering between mouthfuls…



The real battle was in the arena. Knights from Spain, France, England, and Scotland showed off their skills.

Can you guess which Knight we were shouting for?

The one in the green is Scotland. And if you guessed him, you are correct!

As much as we loved seeing the Knights, it was the horses we favored. They happen to all be rescue horses, and we spent time talking to the knights as they discussed their passion for taking care of these beautiful animals.

Huzzah for our Knights!

Bringing us back to the present, we got into the car feeling tired, dusty, yet our spirits renewed. And as I put in one of my favorite cd’s, I drove us home singing this song — Renaissance Faire by Blackmore’s Night

Next on our bucket list: Horseback riding along the ocean.

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  1. I have a girls weekend coming up with my sweet daughter, one of my best friends and her daughters. Columbus Day weekend my lovely wee lass flies down from Maryland and we’ll do some girl bonding in Disney!

    • How wonderful, Ceci! Girl bonding is precious and so important. Usually, my granddaughter joins us, (only male children not allowed, lol…) but she had a basketball most of the day. Have a wonderful in the happiest place on earth — besides Scotland or Ireland. 😉

  2. Leah Weller

    Oh, Mary, that song gave me goosebumps when she started singing that fist verse. 🙂

    Our Renaissance Faire starts mid October and I cannot wait! I always go with my best friend and when Courtney isn’t busy, she goes with us as well. What a wonderful thing they do with the rescued horses, and they’re all so beautiful.

    • Leah, I have listened to that song for so many years that I know the words by heart. Blackmore’s Night is one of my all time favorite groups. You would love their other songs, too!

      Oooh…I hope you do get to the Ren Faire. We are so fortunate that ours last from the second week in Sept – mid October. If you do go, ask the Knights about their horses. I’m curious to find out if other jousting groups get their horses from rescue places. 🙂

  3. Leah Weller

    *first* verse, LOL!

  4. Cutieb

    Girls weekend= wonderful memories to reminisce and laugh about during future girls weekends. At some point there are tears and remembrance of past sorrows, but I truly believe it’s to help heal those old wounds. Filling our bellies with yummy food and chatting through the night. And now to add a bucket list= girls weekends with epic proportions!! XOXOXO

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