Passing Through…or Passing by?



Have you ever stopped to gaze at a door? Is it the shape or structure that captures your eye? Perhaps, it’s the hardware?

Or are you one of those that just walks on by…

It is only a door, right?

My husband has a keen idea and fascination with photography, especially doors.


I tend to look at them differently.

Ludlow Castle, Wales

This one truly captured my imagination. Where did this door lead to?

What secrets unfolded behind this place? If I step through, will I be able to hear the voices from long ago?

Blair Castle, Scotland



This particular one caught my eye, because of the detail above the entrance.





St. Mungo's, Glasgow


You would never think that this door was part of a cathedral…

It was a side door, and I would wager that many have passed this one by for the larger entrance.

However, it makes me wonder where it could lead.





Doors remind me of life’s adventures. Do we walk through…taking the leap of faith towards the unknown?

Or do we pause, afraid to walk on in, perhaps only peeking inside.

There are times when I charge on through, and times when I hesitate.

But rarely do I hesitate for any length of time. I’m afraid of not capturing the moment–of not taking advantage of an opportunity.


My imagination flew when I saw this door. A passageway to another realm?

If I stepped on through, would the path take me to another adventure?



When Borders Books went through the liquidation, I was told over and over again by customers that when a door closes another one opens. In truth, I have always believed that, but I hated hearing it during that summer two years ago.

Yet, look at me now! Another adventure is about to begin….

What about the doors in your life? Adventures?

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  1. anne

    Wonderful pictures and thoughts,Mary.
    I have always thought that when one goes to close a door in life…one should leave it a bit ajar ( A Jar?? I thought we were discussing doors..but I digress..)
    Ajar…because we may one day want to revisit. Of course, I do not mean that literally..goodness knows what might come in.

  2. Leah Weller

    Mary, I love old doors. I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to doors. It’s titled Knock Knock. The carvings and hardware draw me in. Maybe it’s the idea of “where will it take me” that pulls at me….. maybe it’s just the thought of who spent their time using their hands and hard work on something that would touch many through the years that would see more than just an opening to another room or place outside. It makes me wonder if the person who built it thought that someone in the future would get an “AH” moment from their work. Here’s one of my favorites….

    • Oh Leah, those are stunning! I instantly thought of faery doors when I saw the one in the garden. Thank you for sharing your page!

      The older the better, right? It makes me wonder what they were thinking at the time…was it just a door to them? Any crafter from the far past would look at our doors and think them boring.

  3. Laurene Brinlee

    Beautiful! I love doors/windows…..architecture in general. I wonder about the people who so lovingly crafted such breath taking pieces of art. Sad that there aren’t more crafters in this day and age that take pride in their work, as in times past.

    • Exactly, Laurene! I blame it on technology. Haha! We’re always in a rush to put together items, which quite often are fabricated.

      Windows are another fascination of mine, too. Windows to the soul… 🙂

  4. Beautiful post, stunning doors, Mary. As always, your words resonate. I love old doors, too. Especially unusual ones like the charming and mysterious one at the bottom. Wherever might it lead? Sigh…

    Kosmos speaks to us always, presenting ‘doors’ to step through or ignore, also closing some, leaving us to move on or stand and pound on it, most-times waiting in vain for it to be re-opened. It is our free will that comes into play: fate gives us the ‘doors,’ we must decide how we handle.

    Btw, for the same reasons, I love old gates as well.

    • Ahhh…yes, the pounding on certain doors to open. Giggling here, since some doors are meant to open at certain times. We can be so focused on a particular door that we’ve missed the one waiting for us at the end of the road.

      The picture at the bottom is an old burial place. I found it fascinating and was weaving a tale about what was beyond the door.

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