Medieval Monday ~ Travel: The Saint by Cathy MacRae


Welcome to Medieval Monday and our ongoing theme of travel. I’m delighted to have the lovely Cathy MacRae here today. She’s sharing an intense excerpt from her book, The Saint. Enjoy!


“You will ride with us,” Geoffrey informed her, changing his mind once again. Simon and Walter gave him startled looks and his neck warmed. “The Church teaches us to care for women and children,” he reminded them. He returned Marsaili’s furious stare. “And those unable to fend for themselves. ’Tis not safe for you to travel alone, and you will be under our protection until your journey ends or you are passed on to another for safe-keeping.”

“Here’s a miracle for yer impending sainthood, Lord de Wylde! ’Tis a miracle no one has kilt ye out of a fit of total aggravation for yer interfering ways. I told ye I dinnae need yer care, and I meant it!”

“I heard you, and you do,” Geoffrey intoned evenly, reining in his building annoyance with supreme effort. Never had anyone—much less a woman—gainsaid him as this woman did. “I am used to having my orders followed to the letter, so let me speak plainly. You will ride with us until we reach my estate at Galewood, which is not far from the Scottish border. At that time, escort will be arranged for you that will take you to your destination. No other options, opinions or attempts to sway a change in my order will be entertained.”

He paused, waiting for the woman to explode. Her cheeks flamed, her neck arched, and sparks flew from her clear blue eyes. Impressive! The only drawback was the thinning of her full lips, marring their lush perfection. And, of course, ’twas now likely she had a full arsenal of vindictive words ready to hurl at him.

“Do I make myself clear?” he asked, forestalling her tirade.

“Ye amadan!” she hissed. “Ye dinnae care what damage ye cause. I have reason to not ride with ye, or any man. I willnae have my journey impeded by such as ye.”

“Such as me?” he returned, curious as to what specific fault she found with him.

She waved an arm in the air, encompassing everyone in the room. “Ye have two horses where four would give better service pulling that wagon. Yer driver is elderly and likely not capable of demanding the best of what nags he has. And two men are an impressively small guard for a landed English lord.” She cast a look at their booted feet. “And, ’twere it not for the gold spurs ye wear, I’d find myself wondering at their abilities.”

Stung, Walter rose to his full height. “The three of us are completely formidable, milady,” he informed her, his voice rising with each word.

“Everyone knows the might of The Wolfe rides at our back,” Simon added with a nonchalant shrug. “It has been quite some time since anyone was foolish enough to challenge us.”

Marsaili drew back, a chill coursing up her spine at the thought of these men aligned with the formidable baron, Lord William de Wolfe, the king’s champion.

She suppressed a shudder. “Nevertheless, there are but two of ye now, unless milord fights from his chair. Though he has a commanding presence, I have yet to see him without his cane.”

“Despite our grievous faults, the fact remains you are safer with us than without us,” Geoffrey clipped. “Make yourself presentable and begin your sojourn with our lackluster party by helping with a few of the chores. We will bide the night here and leave at first light.”


Following in the footsteps of his uncle, the famous Lord William de Wolfe, Geoffrey de Wylde was counted among the greatest knights England had ever known. Revered for his justness and strict adherence to the chivalric code, he was known as The Saint.

Fleeing the unwanted attentions of her late husband’s brother, Marsaili de Ville runs headlong into the path of The Saint. She wants nothing more than to reach the safety of her family’s home in Scotland before Edmund de Ville’s henchmen capture her, but Geoffrey de Wylde insists on becoming her protector, slowing her flight and putting her unknowingly at risk.

As her past catches up with her, Marsaili will find more than a safe haven in The Saint’s arms. And Geoffrey de Wylde will discover his code does not tell him what to do with a woman who has been accused of murder, yet has captured his heart.

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Spotlight New Release and Author Interview ~ SMOKE by Nancy Lee Badger

71isyr0drsl-_ux250_Please welcome back the lovely Nancy Lee Badger! She’s here today to celebrate her new release, SMOKE. I’m eager to start reading the second book in her Clan of Dragons series.

I’m serving tea and cream scones with berries this morning, so get comfy and let’s meet Nancy…

MM: Welcome, Nancy. I’m so thrilled you could visit us today. Describe a typical writing day. Are you a morning, afternoon, or night-owl writer?

NLB: If I wasn’t married to a hard-working man, I probably would work late into the night. Instead, I go to bed at a decent hour (his words) and am quiet when I do get up. I used to work as a 9-1-1 operator and those horrid shifts kept us both awake. We both need our beauty sleep.

MM: I can relate to the beauty sleep! Explain for us how this new series came about.

NLB: Years ago, I laughingly threatened my youngest son that I would someday base a series on his dragon tattoo, which he received while in the army. After I came up with a paranormal story line, I talked my son the veteran drill sergeant into modeling. His back is on each cover, with the tattoo prominently displayed.

spark-cs-coverMM: I love this story, Nancy Lee! Of course, I’m crazy over the dragon on the cover, too. Here is the first book in Clan of Dragons, SPARK! Can you tell us about your current work-in-progress?

NLB: At this writing, I am finalizing the third book in the series, and will send it off to my editors. I am an Indie-Author, so I have chosen these editors with great care. They keep me from being too wordy, or from using Scottish words readers might not understand, etc. I hope to release the third (but not final) book in late December or January.

MM: Wonderful news! What inspires you when you’re writing?

NLB: Money. Let’s face it, I love to write, to get ideas on the computer, to twist the endings, to make sure the endings are happy, and to entertain, but an author writes to earn a paycheck. My two publishers closed their doors, so it is all up to me to bring the stories to my readers, in exchange for less money than a cup of fancy coffee.

MM: You’re absolutely correct. What’s your favorite item on your writing desk?

NLB: My cat. No fooling! I often work on my dining room table, which allows me to spread out notebooks, outlines, maps, etc. Unfortunately, my 14 pound cat, Blaze, loves to stretch out on the table. He is cute. I post photos of him ‘at work’, and he calms me.

MM: How adorable and special that he’s nearby. I would want to cuddle all the time. Now for some fun questions. Do you prefer…

Champagne or Beer? Non-sweet iced tea for this New Yorker turned southern belle.

Southern drawl or Scottish burr? I am surrounded by southern drawls, but only a Scottish burr gives me ideas for my next book.

Kilt or Leather pants? Hubby owns two kilts, the Clan Gunn tartan and the MacBean. One son wears an army camo pattern kilt, and the other and his mate recently bought Clan Gunn kilts. If I lose some more weight, I will again wear the Gunn lady’s kilt left to me by my late mother-in-law. She bought it in Edinborough, Scotland.

Print book or e-reader? That is a hard decision. I download books onto my phone and can enlarge the print. Paperback books have small print on off-white pages and are sometimes hard to read, but there is something about holding it in your hands. I have put 10 of my books into print to make sure my customers have a choice.

Congratulations, Nancy on your new release! I’m wishing you all the best! My friends, don’t forget to visit Nancy’s blog and enter the contest. The giveaway is amazing!


A dragon beneath a full moon might howl, but would still breathe smoke.

Book Blurb:

Wynn, a green dragon, tumbles off a hill, landing in snow. Sensing someone above his head, he jumps free, and accidentally slams a wolf against a tree. When the wolf shifts into a naked human female, explanations are in order. When she wakes, and Wynn says he means her no harm, she allows his human brother to carry her into a cave, where Vika cares for her. Wary about the golden-haired shifter’s mission, Wynn fears for her safety, and his heart.

While tracking the human who murdered her lover, Kera awakens to find a dragon staring at her. With no energy to shift back into her wolf form, she allows Vika, a pretty human, to care for her. The dragons take up her search for a killer, but the pirates close in and she leads Vika to safety. In the village of Morbhan, Toal abducts her and Wynn fights him. Her wolf pack wants her back, but the dragon has stolen her heart. Will she stay, return to her pack, or die while trying to kill her lover’s murderer? Either way, their lives will forever change.

Excerpt from SMOKE:

When Kera stepped into the warm pool, and flicked water at Smoke, he submerged in a crazy flail of his extremities. He surfaced, coughing. His golden hair hid his face, and he wiped it out of his eyes. A growl was her only warning before he pulled her into his chest.

“That was a foul thing to do, love. Dragons rarely swim, and I was trying to see if me human body could do it, without sinking to the bottom.”

“Swimming be more than floating, silly dragon.” She giggled. She was surprised how young and carefree she felt. “Smoke, how old be you?”

He kissed her. “Why does it matter?”

“I know so little about dragons. Me life among humans, and then the pack, seemed identical except for a few little things. Humans and wolves age and die. What of dragons?”

“I was born a long time ago, yet I feel I have known you forever. I have survived two hundred and thirty-five winters, but I would give them all up for one night with you. Why do you care?”

Why do I care?

The shock of his immortality, or at least longevity, made her stop and think. If she fell in love with a dragon, how long would their life together last? She chewed her bottom lip, worried she was already past that point.

Without thinking, she rubbed water over his shoulders. His eyes darkened, and his fingers tightened around her waist. “Turn around?”

Smoke eyed her warily, but did as she asked. She splashed water over his back and stared at the markings. Instinct made her lean over, and she pressed a chaste kiss to the image that looked very much like her dragon. Fire laced through her lips, and a brilliant light made her slam her eyes shut. All the breath in her body blew out her nose, and a scream sliced through her parted lips.

The next thing she knew, she awoke to find herself flat on her back on the hard dirt floor, staring up at the cave’s black ceiling.

“Kera? Speak to me, love!”

She blinked, and her vision wavered. Two dragons stared down at her, and she screamed. “I be naked, and you let your brother in?” She screamed louder.

“Calm yourself, love. ‘Tis only me. We be alone.”

“Aye?” She blinked again, and gazed into two pairs of green eyes. “I see two of you.”

“Be you hurt?”

When her stomach lurched, she slammed her eyes shut. Calmer, she took another chance. When she opened her eyes, Smoke’s damp golden hair hung over one of two eyes.

“Much better. What the Hell happened?”

His worried expression made her swallow, but her mouth was dry as dust. Not only was her left hip aching something fierce, she sensed her bare bottom would show bruises on the morrow.

“I have never had anyone kiss me on the back, because I have never shifted into this form before. I did not realize it could hurt you.”

Kera sat up, and accepted his outstretched hand. She took it warily, and got to her feet. “I be dirty.”

He only smiled, and led her back to the pool.

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More about Nancy Lee Badger ~

Nancy Lee Badger loves chocolate-chip shortbread, wool plaids wrapped around the trim waist of a Scottish Highlander, the clang of broadswords, and the sound of bagpipes in the air. After growing up in Huntington, New York, and raising two handsome sons in New Hampshire, Nancy moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time.

Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, Triangle Association of Freelancers, and the Celtic Heart Romance Writers. Nancy and her family volunteer each fall at the New Hampshire Highland Games surrounded by…kilts

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Night Owl Reviews HALLOWPALOOZA Scavenger Hunt!


Hello everyone!

Have you noticed this banner on the sidebar lately?

I’ve got a treat for you. I’m one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Reviews HALLOWPALOOZA Scavenger Hunt.

During this event I’m going to help you find some great new books. Make sure to check my featured title out along the way.

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Medieval Monday ~ Travel: Seduction at the Christmas Court by Jenna Jaxon


Welcome back to Medieval Monday. Our ongoing them of travel continues with this wonderful excerpt from Jenna Jaxon’s upcoming release called, Seduction at the Christmas Court. Love the cover! Enjoy!


The cold, crisp air burned the inside of Alyse’s nose on the second day of their journey to Havering. Geoffrey had insisted they move slowly to accommodate young Thomas and his nurse, Ysa, a young girl from the village whose husband had been taken by the pestilence and whose babe had been stillborn. Grief stricken, the girl had come to dote on Thomas as though he were her own. They now rode together in the cart, bundled alongside numerous trunks and goods that would last them the month they would spend at court.

Alyse had chosen to ride Mirabelle and now relished the cold that stung her cheeks and made her impatient to move swiftly. Under its blanket of snow and ice, the countryside looked like a new world as the morning sun glinted off the dazzling white. She squinted at the glare and turned to Geoffrey, mounted on Saracen. The big black stallion pranced along, snorting as if he too was impatient for a gallop.

“Shall I race you to that oak tree yonder, my lord? Are you as ready for adventure as your steed or overtired with your journey?” Alyse grinned at her husband who constantly surveyed the landscape. Although the pestilence had left the land bereft of people for the most part, of those who had survived many had become lawless, roaming the countryside, robbing travelers and ravaging outlying villages.

Geoffrey quirked an eyebrow at her. “You are in fine fettle this morn.” He glanced once more across the still land, but nothing stirred. “What forfeit will you pay when I am the victor?”

Laughing at the arrogant flare of his nose as he arched his neck,  Alyse blew him a kiss. “Another of these, save it will have more substance.”

“I’ll take that wager, my lady. ‘Twill be my pleasure to claim your lips when we two are done.”

“And what will you forfeit to me, Lord Longford, when I best you?”

A grin immediately split his face, blue eyes brightening. “What would you ask of me, fair lady? Another feat of Hercules?”

Alyse laughed in return and a warmth spread through her heart, for he reminded her of their early days of courtship. “Nay, my lord. I think those days are put to rest.” Still, what could she ask of him? There was nothing he would deny her an she ask for it. At least she thought not. “If I am the winner, I beg…a lock of your hair.”

The startled expression on his face brought on a fit of giggling from Alyse.

“You want me to cut my hair?” The horror in his voice sent her into fresh peals of laughter.

“Not all of your hair, Sampson. One lock only.” She cut her eyes toward him to find him dragging his fingers through his dark hair, as if to assure himself it still remained on his head. “I want to make a keepsake token, like the one I gave you.”

“Aye. I can bear to be shorn thus.” He stole his hand to the breast of his dark green tunic, to rub the spot above his heart where her favor, a small blue silk bag with a lock of her black hair, lay. His eyes twinkled. “An I lose this wager, of course.”

During their conversation they had walked their horses much closer and the massive oak tree seemed to tower over them.

Not waiting for a signal, Alyse tapped Mirabelle hard with her heel and the mare shot away at a gallop.


Geoffrey sounded farther behind her than she expected. He would not remain so for long. She leaned almost flat over the horse’s withers, urging her mount to greater speed. A quick glance over her shoulder showed Geoffrey and Saracen closing the gap at a frightening pace. They were but yards from the goal if only Mirabelle could keep her lead.


Lord and Lady Longford have journeyed to the Christmas Court of King Edward III in the year 1349 to wait upon the king and take place in some Yuletide merriment. However, when Geoffrey is called suddenly into the king’s service again, Alyse must remain at the court, attending the queen and dissuading her rebellious sister from a disastrous action. When rumors of Geoffrey’s death arise,  Alyse fends off an old suitor who pays court to her once more. But how long will he take “No” for an answer?

Seduction at the Christmas Court will release in November 2016.

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Quote for the Week of October 9, 2016

Believe you can change your stars!“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius , power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

–Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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Mary’s Medieval Tavern ~ Eve Brannigan’s Pumpkin Granola

Welcome to Mary's Tavern!I’m delighted to have a special guest pop in here today. She can’t stay long, since she’s off to work at the Blushing Rose Bakery. However, Eve Brannigan is sharing one of her favorite recipes. She loves to munch on this while she is baking, especially in the morning.

As some heard yesterday (I was shouting everywhere 🙂 ), A Magical Highland Solstice is now available for pre-order! For those that have missed a previous post, here’s the blurb:

Laird Cormac Murray has witnessed how love destroyed his own father after the death of his mother, and he vows to never take a wife. Yet, when he comes upon a bewildered lass traveling alone, he finds his heart will no longer listen to his mind. In the end, Cormac risks everything to claim the love of a woman not of his time.

Eve Brannigan loves helping others and baking. After winning a contest, she is stunned to learn that the Clan Murray has requested her assistance to cater to their guests during the holiday season. When a lost path in Scotland leads her to a handsome but gruff Highlander, Eve fights the temptation to allow love to enter her heart for the first time. 

Can the Fae and the magic of the Yule season bring together two souls who have forsaken love? Or will tragedies from the past separate the lovers forever?

MM: Welcome, Eve! I’m so happy you could join us and share your recipe for Pumpkin Granola!

EB: Hello all! (Waving to everyone) Ooo…it smells wonderful in the tavern. I hope you enjoy the recipe. It’s that time of year at the Blushing Rose, so I’d better get going. I have a demanding boss.

MM: I believe most of us can relate to those types of bosses, Eve. Wishing you all the best, wherever your path may lead…

EB: Thank you! I’m getting anxious about the upcoming contest. So many plans and I still haven’t decided on my entries. Have a wonderful day everyone! (She dashes out the door)

Click here to read an excerpt of Cormac and Eve’s story. If you’re unable to do so, please check it out on my website at: Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of A Magical Highland Solstice, too. Release date: December 2nd!

amagicalhighlandsolstice_w10769_750Pre-order your digital copy at:


See below for Eve’s special recipe!




Eve Brannigan’s Pumpkin Granola

3 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

½ cup sliced almonds

½ cup pecan pieces

1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon

¼ teaspoon ground ginger

¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg

¼ teaspoon ground cloves

¼ teaspoon salt

1/3 cup plain pumpkin puree

½ cup maple syrup

3 tablespoons melted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Line a baking sheet pan with parchment paper or coat the pan with your choice of non-stick spray.

Place oats, almonds, pecans, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and salt in a large bowl. Stir to mix.

Combine pumpkin puree, maple syrup, butter, and vanilla. Stir well.

Add pumpkin mixture to oat mixture and combine well. Spread in prepared baking pan.

Bake 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Continue to bake for 10 more minutes, but be careful mixture doesn’t burn. Remove from oven and cool completely.

***Note: Feel free to substitute your own favorite nuts and/or dried fruit, especially cranberries.

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Medieval Monday ~ Travel: The Lady of the Forest by Barbara Bettis


Welcome to Medieval Monday. We’re continuing with our ongoing theme of travel, which can be interpreted in many forms. I’m delighted to have my good friend, Barbara Bettis here today. She’s sharing an exciting excerpt from her upcoming release (October 28th), The Lady of the Forest. Be sure to pre-order your copy today!


“Tell Kate to take no chances until I return.” From the downturn of Jamie’s mouth, Henry gathered how well she’d follow such advice.

“Hold.” Jamie trotted forward. “Guards patrol along here ever’ day. Don’t know if they been by yet, but you stay just inside the trees. There’s a path runs along the road. Won’t nobody see you. The crossroad’s on further, a bit.”

“My thanks, again.” Henry pinned him with a stern gaze. “Have a care for yourself.”

Before the youth clambered back into the trees, he flashed his jaunty grin. This time, the smile contained a trace of sadness.

Kate’s problems remained on Henry’s mind as he rode, but without all the facts, he couldn’t devise a plan of action. Of his own circumstance, he suspected Sir Mortimer played a double game, although why he pretended to believe Paxton was Henry remained unclear. Perhaps he sought power by supporting a usurper. More than likely, he played a waiting game, to see which outcome presented more opportunity.

Travel through the brushy roadside leveled into a slow, monotonous lull, during which he devised a variety of options for dealing with Paxton. His mind grappled with one of those plans when a disturbance, a sound, alerted him.

He reined in his mount and listened. Silence. It came again. A series of faint, sharp bird calls. Only a bird called Jamie could emit such a frantic warble. An emergency, indeed, to have sent the youth after him.

Henry urged the gelding around and started back. A score of steps later, the calls sounded from just ahead. Movement to his right sent him in that direction. The boy came into view, stepping carefully onto an almost-bare tree limb.

“What’s wrong?” Concern turned Henry’s tone sharp as Jamie jumped to the ground.

“I feared—I’d not catch you.” Tight lines etched the youngster’s face. “It’s Cade and Oscar. They’re following.”

Henry swung down beside him. “Have they been harmed?”

Jamie hung his head and gasped for breath, hands on his knees. “Nah. But awful ole Hawise… she saw Cade leaving…and sent up a shout. Said the lad that…freed Oscar…were the dead Lady of Stonehill. You gots to help ’em.”

“How far back are they?” As he spoke, he took the boy’s arm to help him sit.

“A ways. I ran ahead to catch you.” He heaved in a lung-full of air and blew it out, then flattened a hand to his chest. “For awhile I thought my heart would get here a’fore me.”

Kneeling, Henry ruffled the boy’s hair. “You did well. Stay here and rest while I go for them. Are Sir Mortimer’s men following?”

Oscar nodded, his unruly curls flopping into his eyes. “But they’re going the wrong way for now. Cade took the south road ’till she could double back without ’em knowing.”

“How could they not see her?”

The boy snorted. “She knows shortcuts better’n any old guard that don’t gets off his behind. And Sir Mort never bothered to learn nothing about the land nor the tenants since he come. He only cares what he can pry out of ’em.”

He gulped another breath. “See, Maddie caught up to me in the woods. She could leave, ’cause nobody never pays attention to a kitchen helper. I waited at the hut ’till Cade got there.”

Henry’s heart thudded at the thought of Kate being chased by soldiers. “Is she unharmed?”

“Said so, didn’t I?”

The boy’s spirit was bouncing back. He’d be fine. But Cade…Kate. He hoped they were near. “Do they have horses?”

Jamie nodded. “Cade had’em hid. They’ll be slowed down in the woods. That’s why I came after you.”

“You did the right thing. I’ll find her—“

“Cade said stay here, they’d come to you. If you gets lost in the forest, we’d have to go looking.”

True. He hated to admit it, but traipsing through unfamiliar countryside might cost unnecessary time. Inactivity grated on his nerves, but he had little choice. He paced a circle around the tree Jamie leaned against until restlessness became too much. Bedamned to an unknown landscape. Kate might be in trouble.

“I’m going back,” he announced.

“No need.” Jamie nodded toward the trees. “They’re coming.”

Two figures on horseback broke through the underbrush, but Henry saw only the blood splashed down the front of Kate’s tunic.


He must find a traitor; she must protect her people. Can their love survive the duties that drive them apart?

When her elderly husband dies, Lady Katherine fakes her own death and disappears into the forest with others escaping the brutish new lord. Determined to protect her people, she knocks the wrong man senseless. But Lord Henry’s not an enemy, he’s the brother of her childhood friend. Although his tender confidence tempts her, she’s bound by duty.

Henry of Chauvere has found the one lady he wants for his own, never mind she’s tied him hand and foot. When he learns the king has ordered her to wed Stonehill’s ruthless new master, he insists Kate seek haven with his sister. But she won’t desert her friends. Henry vows to solve her problem, provided he catches a traitor before the threat from Kate’s past catches her.

When a daring rescue compels Henry and Kate to join forces, their attraction grows into love. If only duty didn’t drive them apart.

Buy Link:

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ Send a Little Love!


Cancer has touched many in our lives, including my own. So, I’m proud to be part of this special giveaway with over 100 authors donating over 2,000 books to cancer survivors and caregivers. During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can nominate a recipient and order a free book for them! Click here: Romance Has a Heart for more information!

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Medieval Monday ~ Travel: Dragon Knight’s Ring!


Welcome back to Medieval Monday! It’s wonderful to be back! Our theme for the next eight weeks is all about travel. As you know, my books are time-travel, but Dragon Knight’s Ring had a unique twist. My hero, Adam MacFhearguis, will travel into the future. If you’ve been following the Dragon Knights, this one story was dear to my heart.

I hope you will enjoy my “travel” excerpt. I look forward to sharing many more interesting excerpts from other fabulous Medieval romance authors over the next few months. Enjoy!


“What do ye mean we can finish in the morn?” Adam eyed her skeptically.

Meggie stepped away from him. “I haven’t been riding in a few days, so I thought with the weather being fine, we could take Fion and Ciar out for a long ride. There’s this beautiful ridge called Drumbuie. Ye can see Loch Ness in all directions.” She nodded to the basket. “I’m tempting ye with some food, too.”

Adam dropped the shovel. Grabbing a cloth, he wiped his forehead. He did not need food to be tempted to go anywhere with Meggie. He knew the place well, since it had been a favorite of theirs. He was curious, though, and asked, “Why?”

She grimaced in good humor. “I’m tired of hiding in the shadows. I want to try and remember.”

Pleased with her answer, Adam reached past her, his arm brushing against hers—the mere contact made his groin tighten. Picking up the basket, he whistled for Ciar. “Then I will do my best to help ye.”

After preparing both animals, they made their way out of Aonach and headed for the hills. Clouds loomed in the distance, but Adam deemed they posed no threat to their outing. He let Meggie set the pace, galloping through heather with naught a care in the world. She came to a light cantor when she spotted a herd of deer.

“See the females.” She pointed to the south. “Those belong to Red Brute the stag.”

Bringing his horse alongside her, Adam shielded his eyes from the early afternoon sun. “’Tis a fine family he has there. Why is he given the name?”

Meggie twisted in the saddle, obvious to Adam that she was looking for something. “Bruce named him after some obnoxious client he had dealt with several years ago. He noticed the stag had the same attitude and so aptly named him Red Brute.” She laughed playfully. “Though, knowing Bruce, he meant it in jest. For ye see, he loves all animals, regardless of their temperament. Oh, there he is! See, up along the rocky edge. He never strays far from the females.”

Fascinated, Adam watched as the stag wandered at a leisurely pace and then lifted its head as if sensing their presence. “Noble animal,” he murmured.

“Aye,” she agreed. “I never tire of watching them or any animals. They roam with freedom I long for some days.”

Adam’s gaze turned back to Meggie. He detected a feeling of melancholy in her voice. “Are ye not already free, Meggie?”

Frowning, she looked away. “Aye, I am, but I sense…more within me. There are days I can hear whispers of someone calling my name along the breezes. As if the two worlds—past and present cross over. I’m bound by this and the other.” She kept her gaze focused on the animals. “And there’s always these burning questions I carry.”

“Which are?” he asked, bringing Ciar closer to her and Fion.

When she turned back toward Adam, her eyes glistened with tears.

Adam’s heart stilled. A strong urge to tell her everything overtook him.



Crusader, Adam MacFhearguis is on one last quest to the standing stones in Scotland where he seeks to bury the past. However, a silent prayer sends him to an unknown future and to his beloved Meggie. When he uncovers a shocking revelation, Adam questions everything about the woman he thought he knew and loved. He may have traveled the veil of ages, but time is now his enemy.

Margaret MacKay lives a life in the future without the memories of her past—her death. When Adam arrives at her door confessing he knows her, she is confused and wary. With each passing day, she yearns to learn more from this stranger. Yet, when a truth is revealed, can she trust the man to unlock the chains from her mind and heart?

Will love free the bonds to unite the two lovers who were doomed centuries ago? Or will evil finally claim victory over the Dragon Knights?

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Quote for the Week of September 25, 2016

Autumn in the Park

Autumn in the Park

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

–Albert Camus

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